Tuesday, September 12, 2017

WI Quilt Expo

This was my first time at the show and I was amazed.  It was HUGE and overwhelming, but I am so glad that I checked it out (and with my Mom no less!)  I came home with some fun fabrics, a pattern for a sweet zipper pouch and grand plans to sew myself an umbrella!  Stay tuned for that adventure.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sewing + Beading

This summer I managed to get a bit of time behind the sewing machine.  Currently we are remodeling so everything is mostly packed away, but I had two kits to use and a couple of free days over the summer when I could set up my machine at the dining room table and go to town.

The quilt is Geese on the Prairie by One Canoe Two.  I purchased the kit from Caftsy.  The table runner was a kit (although I did not purchase the online classes) from Craftsy too, this one is True Colors.

Both the table runner and living room quilt are with a quilter at the moment, and I am excitedly awaiting their return to me for finishing.  I am excited to see what Heather of Blue Turtle Quilting will do with these two projects.  Per my request she will quilt and trim the projects.  She will also attach the binding strips (which I made in advance), but I will hand finish them at home.  I also get the joy and excitement of washing and drying them for the final reveal.

I have another kit in the works from Missouri Star Quilts - Merrily Christmas quilt by Gingiber for Moda.  I have many of the pieces cut and a few blocks made, but the rest will likely have to wait until Christmas 2018.  This remodeling project (which we are doing ourselves at this point) will take many more months to complete.

My other summer creative project was the necklace below.  One of my daughters loves pottery and beading and luckily we have the absolutely best pottery and beading studio just down the street from us.  My daughter took a one-week day camp at Fine Earth Studio and Gallery, and I got to come along to play, design, and make for an afternoon.  What a treat.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hats: Flower + Moose

Somehow Daughter #3 lucked out with two new hats this summer - the first is the Wildflowers Cap.  This was made from a cute kit by Barrett Wool Co. The hat knit up small, but fits my 10yo perfectly. 

The other hat pattern was the Moose Hat by Sisu Designs that I purchased during a quick stop at Sisu Designs Yarn Shop while on vacation in Ely, MN.  What a fantastic store and owner.

The hat fits me quite well, but it was made for my 10yo (she picked it out at the store, along with the yarn and colors), so we'll block it and line it with a bit of polar fleece.  What a great trip memory and project.

Friday, July 7, 2017

(2.5) of (4) French Hens

These adorable french hens are staring to populate our house.  I've completed 2.5 and have them on hold for a bit.  I just might need to give myself until the holidays to finish the last two - wouldn't they make perfect stuffers, though?

Each of my daughters is getting one that is unique, but using the same three colors.  They are just adorable.  Yarn is from my stash; pattern is by Susan B. Anderson, published in Taproot Magazine.