Monday, April 13, 2015

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Guest Projects (from Grandma)

One of my daughters is learning to sew.  She loves all aspects of sewing - picking out fabric, learning the stitches, choosing patterns, the notions, all. of. it.

My Mom has been helping her along with special 'sewing days with Grandma'.  For Christmas my Mom gave her this fantastic tutorial and a box of filler.  A couple days into the new year she had her very own bean bag chair!

As you can imagine, the other three girls begged for one too.  I took the girls to the fabric store to choose and purchase fabric and each beanbag turned out so unique and different.  All four were sewn by my Mom and daughter.  The fourth beanbag (not properly photographed) is the red/light green one in the background of the third photo.

here's that bird fabric again!

The other project my Mom recently finished up are polar fleece front-pocket pullovers for each Granddaughter.  They are warm, snugly and an all-time favorite for each girl.  Thanks Mom for your hard work, creativity and generosity!