Friday, July 3, 2015

A Family of Socks

In mid-June I traveled to Portland, OR to serve as the officiant in the wedding of my childhood best friend and her new husband.  I wasn't sure what exactly to give them as a wedding present, but once I learned they were also expecting a baby the idea of a 'family of socks' came to me pretty quickly.

Each pair is green - the baby socks are knit with the leftover from this other baby project.  Jut a basic rib sock - and a hope that they might just stay on the baby's feet for at least 5 minutes (full well knowing that through four kids I never found socks that actually stayed on).

The next pair are the right-twist cable socks for the new husband.  My husband really likes this pattern and I am very happy with how this pair turned out.

The last pair I had around for a little while - the shamrock socks.  But I finished them up and think that the multicolored stripes will suit my friend very well.

I love how the socks all coordinate without being too matchy.  And I think they are also sandal worthy - from Madison to Portland: we love to wear socks with our sandals!

I wrapped the six socks inside one of the open-wide pouches I made in the early spring - might come in handy as a diaper bag of the like.  Now the question is what cute baby item to knit next for the little one to-be.