Thursday, June 23, 2011

FO: Camilla Babe

This sweater is so adorable, squishy, and cuddly. I can't wait for my youngest to grow into it. It will be awhile; I chose the 6 mos. size but this sweater turned out huge, more like at 2T! It is knit up with a locally-sourced, handpainted, mill-spun wool yarn. I haven't blocked it as I don't think it really needs it. But I can't wait for those holes to open up, especially when stretched across a lovely baby belly!

The pattern was great, and easy to memorize. My only complaints are the underarms - they were difficult to seam after being stretched to accomodate adding the arms while knitting up from the bottom. I have knit a few raglan sweaters before, but always from the top down. This was the first time it was reversed for me. And while it still turned out - and garter stitch can be very forgiving and stretchy - I wish there had been a better way to accomplish this for a neater finish.

After finishing the baby sweater I moved on to another project for my older girls. This is the 'In Threes' cardigan, knit up in a Cascade Superwash Paint. The yarn was chosen by one of my older girls and I think it will suit each of them well. There is another vest (Milo) in the works for them, but I broke my circular awhile back and it's awaiting a surgery date with super glue.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Days

I wish I could call this post Lazy Summer Days, for that is what I though we'd embark upon as June rolled around. But this month has been anything but lazy, and sadly, anything but summer. There have been kindergarten graduations, family and friends in town, lots of birthday parties and picnics, a home energy audit, babies to nurse and hold, and a new summer job for me. It has been busy my friends.

And then there is the Wisconsin weather - crazy to say the least. There have been a few beautiful days sprinkled in there, but mostly it has been at the extremes. Today feels more like fall than summer, and I find myself - still in my pajamas - cuddling up with my littlest in her sling for a bit of knitting time.

As I look at my calendar it does seem that things will slow down a bit over the next few weeks - or at least we might find our way towards a new summer rhythm. The newborn sleepiness has worn off, which makes it appealing to try to 'go all day long' and wear out the older kids. But I need to remember that summer is supposed to be about lazy days too - days that seem endless, but are full with the ordinary of the everyday.

I am knitting, but only here and there. Currently on the needles is Camilla Babe.