Saturday, April 26, 2008

Loving Frank Lloyd Wright

Here is a close-up photo of the unfinished cross stitch that I am working on. The pattern, and kit, are from Heartland House Designs. I found it while surfing a long time ago and became an instant fan. I completed the Heath House Window 3.5 years ago and gave it to my sister-in-law as a thank you gift for her contributions to our wedding. She grew, cut and arranged all of the flowers for the entire event. She is a very talented grower. You can learn more about her and Sandhill Organics Farm here. The current piece, Tree of Life Window, is either for our family or my parents. I have another one in the works - Waterlilies- but at this point I am unsure which one will look best in our house. Whichever one that is, is the one that will stay. The other will go to my parents for their home.

Incidentially, Dan and I were married at a place called Hilltop. It is an old all-girls horseback riding camp located in Spring Green, WI - just across the street from Taliesin. It was designed by a man with the family name Fritz and is very much in the priaire tradition. From what I have learned, Herb Fritz was an apprentice to FLW.

On a realted note, I am currently finishing "Loving Frank." A great story, by Nancy Horan (an Oak Park, IL native) based on the life of FLW, his family, his lover and her family. It is a quick read and I highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in learning more about his work. It is also a love story - about a woman who loves FLW and a woman who is trying to find herself. I was enamored with Mamah from the first page.

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Rebekah said...

these are beautiful! This might have to be another summer project for me. I'm not so good with the cross stitch (bad flashbacks to 4th grade sewing time), but now that I've done some embroidery, I might be a little more "mature" in needlework :)