Sunday, July 13, 2008

Art Fair on (and off!) the Square

What a lovely Sunday at Art Fair on the Square – the weather was perfect, the crowd was moving at a good pace and the art was incredible. Dan and I escaped the kiddos for a couple of hours and wandered around. We did purchase one giclee print (pictured here), “The Fireflies” by Hilary Berg; she was participating in Art Fair off the Square. Dan has a cherry wood frame that he made in a woodworking class last fall and it is the perfect size for this print. Now, to get a mat cut, some glass and to hang it…I think it will wind up in our bedroom which has some blue tones. This year I was absolutely taken by all the drawings, prints and paintings featuring trees. I am not sure why – Dan first noticed it and when he said something it just clicked, yeah, he was right. Maybe it has something to do with putting down roots in our new home over this past year? Here is a smattering of the artists whose work I especially enjoyed.

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