Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kids Totes

So I knew that I had been sewing WAY TOO MANY of the tote/grocery bags when the twins started saying, "Momma go sew a bag now, bye!" I was also feeling a little on the guilty side that all of the recent sewing was primarily for me - there
are so many things that I should be sewing for them too! So, with the assistance of some markers, playdoh and a lot of patience the twins and I made some bags just for them. (Madeline played the role of supervisor from her exersaucer.) Olivia even used her bag this morning at the farmer's market. I let each of them pick out an accent fabric (they both choose flannel?!) and then did a modified version of the grocery bag I've blogged about before. The panels are 10x11 inches, the pocket was made from 2 5-inch squares, the handles are 2 inch strips folded in half and the applique is a free-cut letter (no interfacing or anything). There are no french seams on this one, just a simple seam with a zigzag stitch. I basically followed the construction of the grocery bags, but didn't do anything fancy. The fabric for the body is from an old cotton curtain and the flannel accents are from my stash. We spent about 90 minutes in-and-out of the sewing room; we enjoyed ourselves. The girls especially liked their playdoh ice cream cones and I relished a bonding moment with my daughters.


K, M & little C said...

I love these! I obviously need to expand my stash of flannel, great patterns. I was just thinking of making C a lunch sack for daycare. But, I think I'll have to do it over naptime as my workspace is in the scary, dingy basement. You are so good at the applique. I still use interfacing like a pair of training wheels.

Jen said...

You are a busy woman! Thanks for visiting my new blog. I'm really excited about it. Also, thanks for entering my giveaway. Be sure to pass the word along as I'll be having a new giveaway every week. Check back on Friday to see who won.