Friday, August 1, 2008

Quilt-a-long: Week 5

Week 5: Blue. This block turned out so-so. I am happy with the color scheme, but there were a lot of seams to line up and it got a little funny in the lower right corner. Ah, well. Once I have next week's block done I will put the first 6 together for a picture to see how things are coming along.

This past week also brought a bit of inspiration for the final phase of the quilt. Jacquie, from Tall Grass Praire Studio, (she's finishing up the star-quilt-along) placed a border around each square utilizing fabric from inside the square. This puts an answer to my question of, "how exactly am I going to put all of this together?" Unfortunately with class coming to an end next week I will be very hectic for the next ten days and don't know how far I will get on the borders if at all. Anyway, it is great to file this idea away for when I need it.


Jacquie said...

i remember this block...ooh i had trouble with this one. thanks for mentioning my quilt. isn't quilting along fun!

Meredith said...

Thanks for your comment! I haven't seen your blog before, but will add it to my list. Also, I need to start on this second quilt-a-long. I am about 13 weeks behind :)