Monday, September 8, 2008

Mango socks are complete

These are nice socks. Very soft, very cozy. The pattern was good to me again and I am happy with the result. However, my search for a new sock pattern has begun. I wanted something simple and basic since this yarn had such dimension to it already. It didn't really need any design work to make it pretty. But these socks have left me feeling a bit...underwhelmed. Not that I need to be totally 'wowed' by everything I make, but since I'm investing the time and energy why should I settle with just, "these are nice"? I also wish I had made the leg of the sock a bit longer - this length leaves me feeling a bit like I should be attending a sock hop or something. I am sure they'll be great for winter lounging, with tea and the NYtimes. But next time I go for a sock it's on to something new.

One thing I did learn from making this pair - and from every book at the local library on knitting socks - is that I am likely using the wrong size needles. To make a true, functional sock I probably need to go down to a size 2 or 1 needles. This pair was made on size 5. While at my LYS I saw a sample sock knit up with the same yarn on a size 2. What a difference it made! My sock is certainly softer, and lighter, but the other seemed more substantial - like it would survive a winter in my clogs. These socks, not so much.

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