Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wallaby I

The first wallaby is done! I finished it up early last week - while my mind was still swimming from Stitches Midwest - but wanted to wait and blog about it after it was firmly established in my daughters wardrobe, and had been through the wash a few times. Luckily the weather has been chilly enough in the mornings that we've needed sweaters for a few hours, and she's been enthusiastically reaching for this one each morning.

The yarn is a cotton/synthetic blend that I hope will be comfy on the skin, not too hot, and durable. There was a slight shine to the yarn when first knit up, but that seems to have faded after a few washings.

I love this pattern and sweater construction method. The booklet is very cute, and has lots of hand-drawn illustrations of kangaroos knitting and wearing sweaters, that my daughters really enjoy. You just don't find patterns like this around anymore. Most patterns that I come across are very straightforward, maybe 3 pages long, with a few photos, and a schematic of the dimensions. This pattern is it's own 24-page booklet, complete with advice, encouragement, and illustrations. It also is a pattern for all sizes and ages.

The sweater was manageable to knit, and wasn't overly complicated. I did make a few modifications, however. I switched out the ribbed hem and cuffs for rolled hem and cuffs. I think this made it more feminine and gives the piece a more relaxed and modern look overall. I also used seed stitch for the sides of the pocket, placket and hood trip. I felt this gave it an extra nice detail; the pattern called for regular garter stitch which I didn't think really added anything to the 'look' of the sweater.

I didn't change around the dimensions really, but I did knit a size 8 sweater, which happens to be fitting my size 5 daughter, albeit with a bit of room to grow. You can read more details about the knitting process, and sizing, on my ravelry page.

The sleeves for the other wallaby are complete and I am about 6 inches up from the waist on the body. I've got a ways to go, but seeing how cute this first one turned out has me excited to finish it up too.


Juniper said...

This is such a sweet sweater Beth! You have inspired me to try and make something this winter for the girls. Really love the pocket and hood. Great colour as well!

Rebekah said...

This sweater is adorable! Love the color and the cute pocket on the front. Beautiful job!

ten finger workshop said...

looks great!!! I have a similar sweater that was a garage sale find, it's been a fall staple in out wardrobe for at lease 3 years. Great project!!

Holly Jo said...

Very cute! It is a great color, feminine but not too girly. I agree about the size - I made a Wallaby a couple years ago and it ran small for the size listing. Should have checked the math instead of assuming. :)

dailythread said...

Love the wallaby! I need to knit two more this year, too. One pilled horribly, and the other was accidentally tossed in the washer. On hot. It's a teddy bear sweater now.

Angie said...

I'm knitting my first Wallaby and came over from your picture on the Flickr pool. I love, love your modifications of the rolled hems--the one I'm doing now is for my son, but I think I may try the rolled hems when I make one for my daughter (assuming this goes well and I want to make another!).