Monday, January 18, 2010

Holiday Gift Monday: Star doll

When I asked the twins what they wanted to give to their sister for Christmas they both said, in unison, a doll. I had seen the pattern for this gem in a recent issue of Living Craft and was itching to try it out. After seeing a very talented friend make one for her son (in a single evening no less) I knew I wanted to make one too.

I personally thought the directions for the doll were sketchy. The dimensions provided would have made a doll much to small for me to work with and there was no clear presentation of how to assemble the final doll. But I winged it and came up with this cutie. I wish I would have made a larger doll from the start. If I ever make another one I will be sure to use 8 inch squares or larger. I also only used the sewing machine on three pieces so it could easily be converted to a hand-sewing-only project. I also left off the face details. I like that this instead brings the focus of the doll to the star.

I used an upcycled shirt from the local thrift store for the body and hat. The fabric is a velour - very soft which my youngest loves right now - and the star design is something that was already on the original shirt. The head is made from a scrap of an old t-shirt.

It's too soon to tell if this little doll will make it to the top of her favorite stuffies list (current slots are filled by a bunny, a dog, a lamb and a momma cow/baby cow combo), but it sure looks great on the toy shelf in her room.

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fivegreenacres said...

Oh - that turned out great, Beth!!