Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Earflap Hats

Here's two more off the needles. They are so easy and quick to make! One is in a beautiful sage green and the other is a nice chocolate brown with a purple/blue argyle pattern. They are both sized for 9-18 mo. old babes. The sage green hat is 100% wool, and the argyle hat is a combination of wool and acrylic, so it can be washed and dryed in the machine without worry. Not sure who the recipients of these hats will be yet.

The argyle hat was my first return to color knitting since I finished my mittens. It went well, so it seems that I've got the hang of two- and three-color knitting in worsted weight yarns. Now it might be time to tackle some in fingering weight. One thing I can't figure out is how to keep my colors from twisting all around each other. I don't mind on small projects like this, but if I were to ever tackle a larger project I'd definitely want to get it under control. Any advice from other knitters out there? Do bobbins work?

My neighbor brought her newborn by for a quick visit last week. The newborn-sized red hat fits her perfectly!


Juniper said...

These hats are wonderful!!! Am in love with that second green/blue hat... sooooo nice!!!! Wish we had some snow here! Do you take commissions?

Rebekah said...

adorable! I love the colorwork in the first hat!

Anonymous said...

I love your hats, especailly the argyle one. I've been wanting to try colourwork but not sure how to tackle it yet!

Little C and Little J said...

These are positively adorable!!

Molly said...

Oh, that wee blue one is SMASHING!! Lovely.