Thursday, March 25, 2010

In need of some color comfort

Our family received some very sad news early this week. I won't go into details - I try to keep this blog mostly about my craft - but it sent me in search of some comfort. I happened upon this zig zag pram blanket project/pattern in ravelry awhile back and was drawn to it now, while searching for something to help me through this tough time.

A simple project; the same stitches and pattern over and over again. A focused project; searching for, sorting and loving my left-over sock yarn. A bright project; something to remind me that the sun always rises. A colorful project; I can change colors to suit my mood. A meditative project; to help me process, reflect and heal.

The bonus is that this is a fantastic stash busting project! I think this would also make a fun scarf, or lap blanket in worsted weight yarn. Either could easily be done by increasing or decreasing the number of pattern repeats and/or needle size. I also happened upon another great stash-busting project for 100% wool worsted weight left overs: oven mitts [look on the last page of the book preview]. I'm sure you'll see one of two of these from me before the year is out.


ten finger workshop said...

thinking of you & your family rite now. maybe the simple act of knitting will make you feel better. love you B.

Anonymous said...

We're sending lots of love and hugs your way. I hope that you find peace in your work.
Mary Jo

Little C and Little J said...

so sorry to hear that sad news is with you. we are thinking of you all.

Rebekah said...

so sorry to hear about your sad news. I hope the knitting will help to comfort you