Saturday, May 22, 2010

FO: EZ's baby surprise jacket

I finished my first baby surprise jacket. It lived up to all the hype. It was a great knit - perfect for travelling, easy to accomplish with a bit of help, and the finishing details were easy to complete. It took less than one skein of sock yarn. My only concern is that this jacket seems to run a bit narrow. All my kids were about as round as they were tall during the months when I expect a jacket this size to fit a babe, but oh well. I think this makes a delightful shower or newborn gift. I also wonder about making the arms longer...would that make the body wider? I might try to experiment with this technique the next time I knit it up. I could also try to thicker worsted weight yarn to get a bigger garment.

Not sure which baby or baby-to-be this is destined for, either. Those buttons haven't been attached, I only placed them for the photo. Maybe bright green or purple buttons would look good?

This is my second EZ knit for this year (first one here). Maybe I will try her mitered mittens next? There's a pair here and lots of pairs here to whet your EZ appetite.


Little C and Little J said...

this is beautiful! lush colors.

FiveGreenAcres said...

I am now completely on board the EZ Love train. I keep one of her books at my bedside to read sometimes at night. I wish she were my neighbor!
Haven't knit anything of hers yet, but you can imagine how hard it is to not to jump out of bed and start knitting something right then and there!

Holly Jo said...

Oh, man. Do I love that colorway! Very nice BSJ. I like the idea of bright green buttons.

Just FYI, I loved KNITTING the mitered mittens, but they are not my favorite to wear. The afterthought thumb is awkward for some reason.

Rebekah said...

this is so cute! That yarn and colorway is gorgeous and this pattern is the perfect way to show it off!