Monday, January 3, 2011

Year-end knitting

My knitting this year was directed by my stash. I gave over creative control to my yarn collection and continually worked to find synergy between patterns I liked, and the yarn I had on hand. There will be more details about my year in a coming post, but for now I'd like to show off the last three projects from 2010.

These little ornaments were a natural follow-up to my sweater garland. One is going to a yarn-loving friend, and the other to a neighbor that I organized a cookie exchange with.

In November I picked up my copy of the Milo vest pattern and was pleased to see that it gave directions for a vest up to size 6. I quickly cast on with some Tivoli blizzard (resplendent in the pinks, purples and maroons my girls love) and hope to have this for them to wear sometime in the next few months. Progress was stalled by the aforementioned dissertation, pregnancy-induced tiredness, and holiday projects.

The last project of 2010 is likewise unfinished, but is quickly coming together. (I could have saved myself some time and gone up to a size 3 or 4 needle, but as it stands it will be finished with size 2 needles). This is a likeable hat - I love the shaping and the stripes looks pretty good together. It is definitely a hat for a baby boy - is my subconscious telling me something? We decided to wait on finding out the sex of the baby so this one may be for our family, or it will go to a lucky friend in the future. I cast on for this hat on December 30th.

There are two more projects wallowing in the bottom of my knitting basket from 2010. The kimono socks, by Judy Summer, while beautiful, just aren't calling to me at the moment. They are tucked away for another day and will hopefully re-surface at some point (either as finished socks, or frogged yarn for another pattern). The Kaze (translation: wind) vest is likewise just not calling to me. Maybe this would be a good post-childbirth project for myself? Or, if we have a boy, maybe the yarn will be transformed into a future wonderful wallaby.


urbancraft said...

oh my the sweater ornaments are the absolute coolest. Want! said...

i love the colors in the middle picture