Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yarn Binge

Alisha Goes Around - Colorway: Pavement - 400 yds.

Over the past few weeks I quelled my "when are they going back to SCHOOL?!?!" moments of frustruation with yarn. Lots of it. I picked up what you see here, plus a bit more. I have at least two projects planned. There are three FO's to share too - once we work out the bus/sack lunch/preschool/new teachers/upcoming holiday weekend kinks.

Local Handspun - 95 yds. Blue Face leicester Wool

Noro Kureyon - 2 skeins

2 comments: said...

A mom's gotta do...

I love the Alisha Goes Around! What a gorgeous color despite the name (Pavement, really?)! Looking forward to seeing what you make with it - you know when things find their groove.

mama-pan | mary frances said...

lovely! I haven't bought any new in a while but I have a LYS gift card burning a hole in my pocket..