Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh fall...

Burberry cowl in organic cotton (colorway: almond)

I love you fall.

I love the way to make me feel about knitting.

I love the way you make my husband obsess about face cords.

I love the additional layers I get to wear.

I love the smell of slow-roasted food.

I love your gentle rains and wet leaves, even though they get tracked all the way through the house on tiny feet.

I love that you recall the birth of my middle daughter.

I love how you shed your layer of green in favor of more becoming colors.

I love the way you bring forth my instinct to prepare. And while the necessity of preparing for the barren months ahead has long-been dispensed with (thanks modernization), I love that you kindle the vestiges of this need deep within me.

I love the way you remind me that things change - life is dynamic - and that honoring the cycles in all parts of life is important.

Not-so-Noro hat at the WI River (rav link)

Baby shrug for friends' newborn daughter (rav link)

WIP: one sock done, one to go.  Pomatomus by Cookie A.


Little C and Little J said...

You are so cute...the hat, the cowl, the's unstoppable!

LM said...

I love the hat & sock!! You go girl.

mama-pan | mary frances said...

lovely post--I am behind on your blog and wow, you have been busy!! I love the Noro hats--I made one for Owen a while back and it's a big hit at school.