Monday, January 30, 2012

FO: Kids socks (again)

Another pair of plain vanilla kids socks.  Using the same yarn as the other pair from this fall, just a different colorway, and for a different daughter.

But check out that heel - that's new for me.  I am a faithful K1, sl1* kind of heel flap gal, but I switched it up for this little pair of socks.  And I like the result.  Enough interest to make them unique, but still long-wearing (I hope).

When I picked up these socks to finish them I was in a knitting funk.  And nothing was bringing me out of it.  I thought to sew something - just to do something different.  But nah.  I felt the weight of a few unfinished projects I have laying about.  And was feeling guilty for not having the desire to finish them.  So I just picked up a project and forced myself to move forward.  When I picked up these socks they were complete within an hour.  Only an hour.  Why had I waited so long to finish?

And finishing them spurred me on, and got me excited about finishing my linen-stitch scarf (another long-sitting project, but one that will most certainly take more than an hour to complete) and the starting of two new projects. 

The next day I jogged down to my LYS to pick up needles for the Immie Tee, which is half-way knit as I type.  I'm doing it in the sage green sock yarn from Sun Valley Fiber Farm that I picked up at the WI Sheep and Wool Festival that I attended this fall. 

I also ordered some Spud & Chloe yarn to make a sweater for myself.  Yes, stop the presses.  I wrote a sweater.  For myself.  I am beyond excited about this prospect and can't wait to share more about the planning, swatching and knitting progress.  I picked out another pattern by Heidi Kirrmaier (my first project here), Vitamin D.  What an aptly named project to carry me through the last dark weeks of winter, and welcome in the spring sunshine.

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