Monday, July 2, 2012

Suddenly Socks

globe trotter socks

The weather here is hot.  Not as hot as some other places in the United States, but hot nonetheless.  We are experiencing drought-like conditions and the crops here in Wisconsin are suffering.  And all this heat means that I don't want to knit anything that could make me the least bit hotter.  So the sweater has been set aside for two smaller projects that can be held in my two hands without the discomfort of a pile of wool/silk on my lap.

The globe trotter socks are for my husband - it is the first pair that I have ever knit him.  They have a nice seed stitch rib pattern which I think that are simple enough, but still have a unique look.  He tends to prefer black for work, and white cotton for around the house, so we'll see how he likes these.  The second pair are for me.  Basic Ann Budd top-down socks using my own handpainted yarn! 

Yeah for socks - although it will be quite awhile until I care to wear socks again!

simple rib socks

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