Saturday, January 19, 2013


He doesn't wear it all that often.  Maybe once this winter not including this photo shoot. 

In fact, this sweater had sat for months after completion as I didn't block it and the fit was just a tad wide and a tad short.  I never blogged about it.  It sat next to my sewing machine just waiting. 



A good blocking makes all the difference.  And while it is still on the wide side, it is longer and looks like nice relaxed yoke sweater is supposed to look.  And the wool softened considerably.

Over the holidays my Mother-in-Law shared a story with me.  Recently she had been visiting with my husbands Aunt and Uncle.  One afternoon his Uncle dressed in a sweater that his wife had made for him about 40 years earlier.  The sweater fit like a glove and was still in wonderful condition. 

These sweaters are made to be worn after all.  Used, worn, washed, worn, repaired and worn again. 

If only I (we) can be that lucky.

More history on this sweater here.

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melissa q. at a happy stitch said...

What a stunning sweater! I think knitting is the way to go when it comes to 'man gifts', sewing is tough in that area. And, great story about the old sweater. That certainly is what they are for, isn't it?