Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bird's Egg (it's spring!)


I came across the four little eggs above rolling around in the bottom of a long-forgotten project bag (they were the left overs from when I knit this gift for a friend a few years ago).  What a delightful surprise to find this spring - it has been a wait for the warm temperatures, but it seems they may have finally arrived. 

I quickly dug out the old pattern for the bird's nest pincushion and whipped up the nest in a mere 90 minutes (much of that was stress-relief knitting so it moved very fast!)  It has quickly become a favorite item in the house, picked up and carried around by all the girls.  Sometimes the nest is a soup bowl, sometimes a frisbee, but the eggs always find their way back home.

I had knit the nest while waiting for new yarn to arrive for my next sweater, Vignette by Amy Herzog.  The color I chose is almost identical to the egg-shell blue above - but this new yarn is bird's egg in lark (worsted) by Quince & Co.  I have knit two patterns from this company before and this is the first time I've used their yarn.  It's lovely to knit with so far and I'm sure it will show off the lace detail in the sweater perfectly.  

bird's egg by quince & co. (lark)

I am actively working to incorporate the lessons I learned from my first customized, seamed sweater (see below) into this new garment.  I picked this next sweater in hopes of making a sweater with a deep v-neck and closer fit all around. Wish me luck!

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melissa q. at a happy stitch said...

oh, what a lovely memory! I still use my bird nest, it holds needles!