Thursday, May 22, 2014

FO: Four Socks

Is this half of four FO's or four of eight FO's?   I suppose it doesn't matter...I have four socks and not a matching pair among them.

Three different heel treatments...

Two basic styles...

And a lot of colors and patterns that do not coordinate well together (at all).

The blue/white stripes are for one of my oldest girls, the orange sock doesn't have a recipient in mind yet, the red/yellow/white is a hand-dyed yarn of my own making and my same oldest daughter has claimed them for herself - she'll have to wait until her feet grow at least another inch though.  And that last really big sock is for my husband.  As previously mentioned, the lovely fawn color mock cable socks I knit him earlier this year are now mine due to felting in the front-loading washing machine.  I felt guilty and immediately cast on for another pair for him.  I couldn't bring myself to knit another pair of brown socks just yet, however, so I choose a midnight blue and threw in some brown stripes for good measure.

Now its time to buckle down and get the other four socks knit - maybe I can accomplish this by the end of the year?!

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