Friday, January 16, 2015

Taggie Blanket v2.0

This holiday season I got to work on a really feel-good project -and fun taggie blanket for the sweet daughter of a friend in NYC.  I met my friend many years ago when I was living in NYC and when her daughter was born I her a taggie blanket that had been made by my sister-in-law.

From having my own kids I knew that most kids l-o-v-e taggie blankets.  This little girl was no exception and possibly loved her first one more than most.  Her Mom contacted me and shared that it was on its last legs - I jumped at the opportunity to make another for her daughter.

I was able to pull it together very quickly thanks to my Mom who had a ready supply of pre-cut ribbon.  (Unknown to me she has been making a few of these with her friends for grandbabies!)  I picked up the minky from a local fabric shop and the yellow front fabric as well.  The design on the front is a small repeat of yellow rubber duckies.  Too cute.

My friend emailed to share that her daughter immediately took to the new blanket and has lovingly paired it with her old blanket and is happily using both.  What a great thing.  The photos are of the new taggie blanket in it's new home with it's new owner (I was so excited to ship it off I forgot to take any, smile).

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LM said...

She truly loves them both! The 'new blanket' travels with her everywhere! Thank you so much again.