Sunday, February 24, 2008

...I will learn some lace.

Since I finished up the baby booties, my knitting queue is clear and I am free to create something for myself! I can hardly believe it. Yes, the scarf is still in the wings, as is the felted bag, and there are some more stockings to be knit for the advent calendar, but I am ready for a challenge...ready to learn something new.

The other week our family attended a benefit for Aubrey Poole. As the lone bidder on the one knitting item in the silent auction, I was delighed to win it! It was a knitting basket with three skeins of yarn (used to create the booties below), two sets of knitting patterns (scarves and sweaters) and a set of three knitting classes at a local knitting store, The Knitting Tree. I am very excited by all of these things! I can't wait to use the classes to try out some new things (cables) and have decided that my new project will be to learn some lace techniques by knitting up the Fern Lace Wrap from The Little Box of Scarves, by Melissa Matthay and Sheryl Thies. Here's to trying something new!

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