Monday, March 3, 2008

...I will sew something.

Well, I have been making sporadic progress on the scarf for my husband, the lace scarf for myself and the coin purses. No new pictures or anything worth posting about yet. I did complete another stocking for the calendar though - I love that project because whenever I feel like I can't finish a project I put it down and knit a quick stocking. Problem solved!

Instead of making progress on the scarves Sunday night, and instead of doing my reading for Constitutional Law, I dusted off the old sewing machine and got to work on a new project. In fact, I started and finished the project in one evening - a wonder for someone that is used to taking weeks to complete a project. Sewing sure does move faster than clicking my needles together.

I cannot take credit for this baby toy - other than the sewing of this one. I picked up the idea from the baby shower that I went to. A friend of the mom-to-be gave her a stuffed cube and it was the cutest darn thing I'd ever seen. I let the idea roll around in my head for a week or so and then realized that making one of my own would be a great way to use up some of my fabric stash. So I cut 6 8x8 squares, embellished each one and sewed them up into a cube. I stuffed it and even put a rattle (actually a small metal container with extra screws from my husbands workshop - it is secured with duct tape so the screws won't fall out) in the middle to make some noise. Each side is different: a swirl pattern, a removable fleece triangle (velcro is a wonder), a flower, some felt rectangles, a ribbon accent and a burber fleece rectangle. I completed the look with some ribbon "tags" which are on many of my kiddos toys, and were featured on the baby gift.
The more I think about this project, the more I love it. Maybe an alphabet cube, number cube, designer cube - so many options!

To give full credit where credit is due, the orignal cube that I saw was created by Ellen Carlson of Bluemchen Design. While she does have an store, it doesn't seem that she is selling these cubes (but she should!) What she does sell are the cutest knot hats. I picked one up at Happy Bambino for my youngest. She'll be sporting it this spring!

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