Thursday, February 28, 2008

...Finish another project?

Here are some pictures of three felted coin purses I have sitting on my shelf. I knit them up, sewed the seams, even made the accompanying flowers, felted everything (in our frontloading washer no less) and then let it all sit. I need to sew the flowers on to the outside and add the zippers - seemingly easy enough tasks, but for some reason it's just not getting done. Maybe I'll work on them this weekend. While the pictures don't do them justice they are the richest colors. I picked up the kit (from Pick Up Sticks!) at a small yarn store, Knitch, in southeastern Wisconsin while husband and I were on vacation with our youngest daughter (3 mos. old) in late December. I would be remiss not to mention the lovely b&b we stayed in - The Inn at Pine Terrace - their oversized spa tub made the entire trip worth it. I also picked up the felted poinsettia wreath kit for next year - hopefully I'll get around to that after the advent calendar (which I have yet to blog about) is complete.

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