Friday, March 14, 2008

Kitty Cats

Last week I got one of the Peter Rabbit DVD's from the local library. My older daughters (identical 2.5 year old twins) can't get enough of them. They especially love the stories with "kitty cats." They love the kittens so much that they have taken to acting like kittens - almost all the time. This has created a convenient excuse for some of their antics, such as "Who threw all the books on the floor?", repsponse (in unison), "Kitty cat did!" You can only imagine what this charade has done to my knitting stash of rolled yarn balls. I fear they will never be the same again. Currently there are strands of 7-8 different yarns stretched and scrambled across the living room, 4 toddler legs, and my coffee cup.

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