Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stuck on Scarf Island

Here's the progress on the two scarves in the queue. I'm certainly not breaking any speed records, but I think that I have made some respectable gains. Obviously neither are blocked - and won't be for some time - but this gives you and idea of where I'm at. The other picture is of a current project that is eating up some knitting time. I borrowed the book from my Mom. It's a great read so far and intriguing enough to keep me from my needles. Tonight is movie night for me and Dad, so maybe I'll make a move towards getting off this island.


A Family/Group Member said...

I keep saying I am going to read that book. I think I will put it on library hold now so there is no excuse

Mom said...

Thanks for the comment (my first!) So far I am thru Italy and India - Indonesia is next. She's a great author, but I do agree with much Jennifer Egan's review in the NYtimes:

Your blogs are amazing,by the way. The diversity in posts is incredible - you must have a very full life.