Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crazy-9 Patch Squares

After surfing multiple craft blogs for the past 3 months - and not being able to do much that inspired me due to school work - I finally began a new, modest project! Here is a picture of 9 Crazy-9 patch squares that I hope to quilt in the near future. The first order of business is to square off these squares, and then find a suitable color to border the squares with. I have the backing already picked out. I have never quilted anything on my machine, so this will be one big experiment, but at the moment I am feeling very optimistic. What I may do is divide up these nine squares into three sets of three and make three wall hangings - one for us, one for mom and another for someone else as a gift. This way I can try out the quilting process without getting in too over my head.

I found the tutorial for the crazy 9-patch block quilt from oh fransson! thru Homemade by Jill (see her link in the sidebar). I just love oh fransson's pictures and the applique she picked out - too perfect for little babies and toddlers. I will keep mine basic for now and try out this quilting thing first. Maybe then I will venture onto the applique process.

All of the fabrics in these blocks came from my stash. I am pretty happy with the squares, but I did so something wrong. I gather that since the tutorial calls for 9 fabrics, basically cut up into 9 shapes, that there shouldn't be any repeats on any of the squares. But, for mine, I do have one repeat on each square. I am not sure where I went wrong, but learning through mistakes is always effective. While I am not unhappy with the result, I know that it should have turned out differently. This will only serve to make me a more observant piecer in the future!

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