Thursday, June 5, 2008

Crazy-9 Patch Squares - Quilted

Here's some pictures of three of the nine Crazy-9 Patch squares that have been quilted into a wall hanging. I decided that rather than do more reading on how to quilt something I should just dive right in and try. I am relatively happy with the results. Here are some things that I learned:

1) Spray adhesive worked better than basting pins for this project.

2) Backing fabric NEVER stays smooth or taught. I have to remember to pull on it constantly to keep it from bunching.

3) Batting can cause problems for bunching as well - it doesn't lay as smooth as I expected.
4) I'm glad that I left an extra three inches of batting and backing around all sides as I quilted. The project shifted so much during the quilting process that I really did need all that extra.

5) Everything looked much better after trimming :)

6) Now I must learn how to make my own binding. I have the fabric picked out and know that it should be 2.5 inches wide then pressed, but sewing it to the project is still a mystery to me.
7) I am now brave enough to tackle the remaining 6 squares that are pieced and ready to go. However, I may switch up the quilting pattern and try quilting in the ditch instead.
8) Quilting patterns that sew up like a pillow prior to quilting (see Amy Butler's Lotus Brick Path Quilt) are becoming more attractive to me - but I am still nervous about the fabric bunching problem.

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Jacquie said...

Heather Bailey has a fantastic tutorial on how to bind a quilt. It's on her site hellomynameisheather. This should really help. Let me know if you have questions.