Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Challenge

If you can believe it, my husband and I picked up this table and chair set at a garage sale last weekend. It is an Ethan Allen, solid cherry set that seats up to 12. The set came with six chairs, two of which have arms. The set fits beautifully in our dining room. The set was sold by a family that now has grown children - so the best part is that the table chairs are all 'kid-tested' and gently used. This means that I won't ever worry about the inevitable spills or normal childhood wear and tear (i.e. scratches, permanent markers, tape, paint, etc.) The only hitch is that the table is a little tall for our taste and the fabric on the chairs is not our style (plus the previous owners had cats and Dan is VERY allergic to cats). So, my new challenge is recovering, and firming up, the seats.

It all seems very straightforward at the moment. Buy some fabric, get my husband to make some plywood seats and cut down the legs of the table by an inch, recover the seats with the aid of a staple gun, and I'm done. I am sure that I am in for more of a challenge than that, however. The upside at the moment is that JoAnn is having a 50% off sale on all their home decor and upholstery fabrics so at least I should be able to find a great print that we like.

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Jacquie said...

What a great find! Have fun making it yours!!!