Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baby Bonnet

If I haven't mentioned it before, Last-Minute Knitted Gifts (Hoverson) is one great book. In fact, just about anyting coming out of The Purl Bee is fantastic.
One look at this bonnet and I knew Madeline had to have one. I am using the Rowan Kid Classic, but in slightly different colors than called for in the pattern. My local store didn't stock the exact colors and the other options on the shelf weren't speaking to me, so pink and brown it is. I can't wait for this to be complete and on her cute little head!


Alexis said...

That's going to be adorable! I'm just learning to knit and I can't wait until I can make cute things for my kids.

meg said...

the girl in the book even looks a little like your girls. the hat was meant to be.

Rebecca said...

i really love that book, too. and the bonnet is one of my very favorite patterns. i used classic alpaca for mine; the main color was almost eggplant, but lighter, and the edging was a pale blue.