Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gratitude Wrap

Here are some pictures of my recently completed gratitude wrap - another free pattern from SouleMama. Yes, I am a big fan of hers and just received her book in the mail so I am totally into her projects and creative family 'framework' (as us academic types would call it).

Sometimes I find myself wondering how she does it - I mean gets her kids to all focus and stay put in one place for long enough to actually enjoy an activity. I have taken her advice to heart that if it (whatever it may be - cooking, clay, gardening) doesn't seem to be working to let it go and try again at another time. That has worked for us. It seems that Abby and Olivia need some initial exposure so they can ask questions, look and feel, then return to something more familiar like the swing set. Once they come back to the new activity in a day or two they seem much more interested in trying the project out.

I know that I digress from the whole gratitude wrap discussion, but maybe this is all connected. I am grateful for the girls that my babies are turning into and with the help of some friends and inspirational guides, like Amanda, maybe this journey doesn't need to be so difficult. If I really go after their interests and encourage them to explore, explore, explore them, maybe the other things (like putting pajamas on bodies instead of in the toilet) will come more easily.

***Project notes: I used contrasting vintage sheet fat quarters from the swap to make the outside and lining. The batting is a poly fiber and is probably too thick for the project. When I make another one I will use a low-loft cotton batting (Yippee. Another reason to get to the fabric store!) Then I used an old IKEA curtain remnant to make the binding. I enjoyed making the binding, but sewing it on - especially around the curved corners - was more of a challenge than I bargained for. I just kept sewing though and now look forward to finding a great address or note book to go in the first pocket. Next up are crayon/colored pencil rolls + journals for the girls' birthday celebration. I took the idea and inspiration for this project from Mr. Moneysuit - thanks!

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