Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is tagging like receiving an e-mail forward?

Yesterday I was tagged by another blog, What did she do today? I think this is great! It means that people are checking in on my work: looking at it, leaving me comments, e-mailing me about it and hopefully being inspired by some of it. I also don't mind sharing random things about myself. But, will I tag another blog? Probably not. Most of the blogs that I read/ visit have already been tagged by others anyway.

I suppose, for me, being tagged is a bit like receiving an e-mail forward. I don't mind getting forwards. In fact, I usually read them and chuckle, returning to my other work a little lighter and happier. Do I ever forward those e-mails to others? Usually not.

So what should I do? How's this: If you are someone who visits my blog - and you have not been tagged, but would like to be - leave me a comment. I will tag you in my next post and then we'll get to learn some things about you too. Am I breaking blog etiquette by not tagging others? Not sure. I hope not.

Seven Random Things About Me
1) I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday learning how to launder my couch upholstery and foam cushions because one of the little ones had an(other) accident...a most unpleasant task to tackle.

2) I have red hair. My oldest (twin) daughters are blond and my littlest one is a redhead like me.

3) I am writing a dissertation on the glass ceiling in higher education.

4) I've broken my left wrist twice, my right wrist once, my left knee once and my right ankle once too. I've also had my gall bladder removed. I still have my tonsils and appendix though!

5) I make, and eat, chocolate chip cookies more often than I should.

6) I am a registered member of the Cherokee Nation. I carry an Irish name but am mostly of German and Native American descent.

7) I have lived in Mexico, Washington, DC and New York City.

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Amy said...

I didn't picture you as a redhead! And how often is too often for chocolate chips?