Sunday, October 19, 2008


So I just found ravelry. I signed up for an account (username: attheendofthisrow) a couple of months ago, but really got into it the other night. It is a computer-loving knitters dream! I have entered a few projects so far, but I can see this becoming an obsession for years to come. I haven't started entering my stash yarn yet, but that might actually be a really helpful tool for keeping my yarn purchases in check, and those skeins that literally fall to the back of the closet front-and-center in my thoughts. The queue for 'to do' projects in brilliant too. I used to keep track of my ideas on a paper on my bulletin board, but I never kept enough info.; I always forgot a blog address, or pattern name and so just kept adding new projects. This queue keeps track of it all and the best part is you can link directly to other knitters that have finished projects with that same pattern to keep you motivated!

I also love having the instant feedback from other knitters, including designers. As an example, I posted a message on the pattern forum re: the mystery baby bonnet. Within the day I had received 5 responses that directed me where to go to get a copy of the pattern. I couldn't believe the rapid, and helpful response, I got to my question.


Amy said...

It is addicting! What did you find out about the mystery bonnet?

Beth said...

The feedback was that it appears to be an EZ pattern from The Opinionated Knitter. It is knit like a regular a childs hat (in the round). But the hat has an extra small circumference. It is knit to regular length and then you cut the hat 'open' - slice along one side up to the crown shaping. You make seams on either side of the cut with a sewing machine and attach the I-cord to cover up the raw edges and finish the whole thing off. The fair isle print was new to everyone, but the basic shape and construction details seem to come from EZ. Now I have to pick up a copy of TOK. Oh darn...more online craft book shopping!

Paige said...

I love Ravelry, too! It's great for keeping track of everything, especially the stash. Have fun!