Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gifts (1 for me and 1 for another)

Last week I received this bonnet as a gift from Ten Finger Workshop. She found this one at a garage sale and passed it along to me. What a lovely present! The pattern for this one is different from the other bonnet and seems to be a knit rectangle, that was worked in the round at one end to close it off. Some additional stiches were cast on to make the border and cording. I love the colors and pattern and might try my hand at recreating something like it. Has anybody else come across a bonnet like this? Any hints as to it's origin? Maybe I'll draft a tutorial for it as I go. This would make a great gift for either a boy or girl (depending on color choice) - at least for those of us who reside in the colder climates.

These next photos of are of a wallet that I made for a friend. She wanted something that would hold her cards and cash, but that was the shape of my checkbook cover. Something simple, slender and light. After exchanging some e-mails with fabric choices she settled on an Indonesian print for the exterior and the ever-popular Ghanaian adinkra cloth for the pockets. I love how it turned out and am very happy to have made something for someone else. It was also my first try at designing something. I started from the basic checkbook cover, but branched off in many different and new directions.


Anonymous said...

Both of them are lovely. I'd love a tutorial in how to knit a bonnet like that. It is just so cute.

Frogdancer said...

What a fantastic blog you have!! I found you through the quilting month list on Mr Monkeysuit, and I'm scrolling down, squealing with glee at all that you are blogging about.
(The year 10 class who are quietly working on their informative essays are looking a little bemused, but that's ok...)