Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Socks and snowflakes

We got our first snowflakes of the season here yesterday. Nothing that stuck around - they were those huge, big, light flakes that fall beautifully from the sky. I loved seeing it, but am also thankful that the real snow is still weeks away. In the meantime I am happily knitting socks. I finished up the winter socks (pics below) and am now working my way through the embossed leaves pattern - these are gorgeous socks. This is a picture of the first sock perched up on the couch; a safe distance from little fingers that love to play with yarn. I think I will make a few pairs of these and keep them on reserve for gifts. They are lovely to look at and lovely to wear. Plus, what a great reason to get some more yarn!

Some observations on socks:

1) Socks are a quick knit, almost instant gratification, but I tend to loose steam after the first one is finished. The second one doesn't seem like a challenge, but at least it gives me a chance to fix any mistakes I made the first time around.

2) Having a second sock means that I am able to redeem myself - for any of the said mistakes in the first sock.

3) Size 0/1/2 needles seemed really small to me at first. Almost like they would snap like toothpicks in my hands. But once I got used to them it is hard to imagine that I ever knit socks on anything larger.

4) I thought it would take forever to knit something on needles that small. And while it does take more time (although not much) it makes a much, much, much nicer sock. The embossed leaves, pictured above, are on size 2.

5) The embossed leaves pattern is also the first time I knit with four dpn's. I've only ever made socks with three needles before. I love how you can fold down four needles for travelling - but it does make the sock more clumsy in my hands to start. It is difficult for me to wrangle all those needles and points in the beginning when trying to join the yarn. Any advice here?
6) Purple. Why are both pairs of recently knit socks shades of purple? I have no idea. None, whatsoever.

7) I love wearing hand knit socks. They are a true pleasure in my life. Self-indulgent? Sure. But I'm not complaining.


Amy said...

They're beautiful. And as I sit here barefoot and shivering I'm going to go find my favorite pair and get cozy!

jacquie said...

they are beautiful. i do wish i could knit. i'm shivering just like amy!

Paige said...

Ooo, they're lovely. And I agree with every darn one of your observations on socks! They're addicting.