Saturday, November 1, 2008


Change - what a buzz word this season, huh? Truth is that I am feeling change; shifts in the way that I work, parent and love. I don't mean to be too deep - just trying to convey the fact that things around here felt similar day-to-day for awhile towards the end of summer, but now they feel very different every day. My husband is attributing it to the changing seasons (and impending election), and I do think that he is right in some ways. To honor the change in seasons I am embarking on a changing seasons quilt. Lots of yummy fall-tinged colors and natural batik prints. This will be a twin size - my first quilt this big. Not sure when this one will really get underway, but the pieces have been cut and are staring down my machine ready to be assembled. I am following the yellow brick road pattern from before, I like the different shapes and way that the colors flow easily into one another.

A second big change around here is coming up this winter. We are losing our long-time (2+ years) nanny to California for a nursing job. She's graduating with her degree and I am very proud of her. She has strong family roots in these parts, so I know she'll be back, but she won't every really be back here, you know what I mean? While she's only been with us for 2 days/week she has been with us through many changes: a new house, a new baby, new classes, new routines, daycare, playgroups, and potty training. I mean, really, who wouldn't be sad about losing someone who cheerfully changed dirty underpants?! And for twins, nonetheless? So I've decided to make her a quilt. She's been eyeing the other BTRS quilts I have been making and I think this will be a great going away gift. The fabrics here are floral, solids and an awesome wave print for the backing - the perfect CA fabric if you ask me (I stopped myself as I drifted towards the palm tree prints...). I'd really like to perosnalize this one on the back for her. I'm thinking handprints of each of the girls? Maybe applique? I plan to loosely follow the BTRS lap quilt directions for this one, but I will modify for a twin size.

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K, M & little C said...

Both of these sound so great! What nice ideas!! I hear you about the hum-drums, never see them coming. Your nanny is lucky. And, batik is perfect for a fall quilt. Good luck with both!