Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quilt for Mimi

Here is another gift that was started before the holidays, but wasn't complete until last week. We recently said goodbye to a sitter who was with our family for over two years. She began with us in October 2006 when the twins were 14 months old. She was with us through a move to a new home and the birth of our third daughter. She helped all of them learn to walk. She helped them learn to use silverware. She took them to see Santa Claus at the mall. She took them to Chuck E. Cheese. She taught them about fingernail polish and lip gloss and indulged every dress-up fantasy known to three year olds.

She is moving on. It is bittersweet, but necessary. She graduated and is pursuing a dream. She is moving to California and will eventually look for a nursing job at a hospital in a pediatrics or neonatal intensive care unit. She will be a wonderful nurse.

Here is a photo of the quilt that I made for her. I hope that she takes it with her to California and curls up under it after a hard day at the hospital - or looks at it and fondly remembers the girls.

The design is based on the BTRS lap quilt. She likes muted colors so I went with an aqua/blue/tan floral theme for the front. The back is done in a wave print. Something that reminded me of the California coast. Can't you just hear the waves rolling up on the beach right now?

In case you are wondering, her name isn't Mimi. But her name does start with an "M." When the twins were first learning to talk that is what they called her - failing to pronounce her full name with their mouths full of food and drool. The nickname stuck.

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jk said...

Oh my! This is so pretty! What an accomplishment :)