Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"I hope this isn't too forward, but..."

My husband's co-worker stopped him on his way out of the office last week. He said, "I hope this isn't too forward, but do you think your wife would knit me a hat? I lost mine last week."

When my husband relayed this story I wasn't sure how I felt. At first I was flattered. Then I wondered how this guy knew I knit. I thought back to the first and only time I met him - at my husbands holiday party. He's younger then I am, but not by much. He seemed nice enough. He is the assistant to the office librarian.

In the end I decided to go ahead and knit him a hat. I guess I felt a little maternal about it. "His ears must be cold," I thought. Besides, I needed a knitting break from my mittens. The trouble was that I didn't have any measurements for his head. I also have no idea what he might like in a hat. So I just went with my imagination, and used my husband as a model.

I pretended that I had a teenage son. Then imagined what I would knit for him. I found a pattern that matched my vision on ravelry. It's called The Boy Hat. Perfect.


K, M & little C said...

That's great! It is super cute.

Juniper said...

YOu are one nice woman! On top of everything else you have going on- wow. Not only did you make time to knit one but its darn nice!

Holly Jo said...

Boy, you are nice! Don't you love the decreases on that hat though?