Saturday, February 7, 2009

Springing forward in fall colors

I love the name of this sock pattern: Spring Forward.  I like to think of these socks actually springing forward - over and beyond my frustrations about my mittens.  Propelling me forward; towards melting snow and the warm spring rain.  

These lovely socks have given me the respite I needed from my mittens.  I like having 2 or 3 projects going at the same time.  I usually divide them up by difficulty, or more accurately how much of my attention they require.  For example, I have one project that I can do while the TV is on and/or the kids are arguing over toys and/or the baby is climbing on me like a jungle gym.  These are, as you have guessed, projects that I can pick-up and set-down at a seconds notice without any worry about messing it up.  

Then I have projects that require fidelity, focus and concentration.  Usually this is a lace pattern or a new project like the mittens.  I tend to save these projects for the rare nights when I have energy past kiddo bedtime, or I find some spare time while the kids are napping.

These socks are luckily of the first variety.  Once you've got the basics of sock construction figured out these are easily put-down and picked-up.  These orange socks are made with the second (color: pumpkin) of three colors of knitpicks essential sock yarn that I purchased in the fall.  I have to say that I really do love this yarn.  It knits up with ease and seems to be very durable. 

A (gratuitous) kid-related story:  This is the first pair of socks that I have knit with my new row counter - a gift from DH for Christmas.  The older girls are just fascinated with it.  They love to watch me change the numbers and always ask, "Momma, what number are you on now?"  It is the kind of question that melts my heart.  I love that they are interested in my knitting and I look forward to teaching them how to knit over the next couple of years.  In the meantime we've been playing with yarn in other ways.  Inspired by a friend to knit with we made some yarn-based birds nests over the weekend.  Arn't they cute?!

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jk said...

These are beautiful bird's nests as well as socks. I just finished a simple pair of socks and am thinking I need to get hold of a pair of wooden sock forms like yours...I have a gift certificate to a local yarn store - need to see if they carry some...