Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekend sewing

Over the weekend the girls and I found ourselves with a 50-degree, rainy day and Dad gone for work. What were we to do? The girls declared it a sewing day, and I happily obliged. It wasn't weekend sewing with Heather Ross (that book is arriving later this week!), but it was weekend sewing to be sure.

Last time I sewed with the girls I had each one sit in my lap and work the fabric into the machine. This time, I showed them how to use the foot pedal - with their hands.

Olivia has sometimes complained of her back hurting while we drive in the car (but at no other time?!?), so she asked that we make a car pillow for her back. Abby wanted one too. They picked out the fabric themselves, and I cut it. I started the stitching, but they completed it. I got out the poly-fil, but they stuffed the pillows themselves (all the while claiming that tutus, princess slippers and swim goggles were the required wardrobe for the project). I sewed them closed, but they will be the ones to use and love them.

To distinguish the pillows from one another - since they picked out identical fabrics - we used their first inital on the back of the pillows. I cut out the first letter of their names from an extra iron-on patch I had lying around.

Once the girls had their pillows I knew I'd have an extra 20 minutes while they immediately played with them. I got to work on a small, quick project that I've been wanting to try for some time - a coffee sleeve. Thanks to Erin of House on Hill Road for making the project so quick and so easy to pull together. You can find her tutorial here.


jk said...

Love the coffee sleeve! And sewing with little kids. I am a novice seamstress, but I've had such fun making simple projects with the kids using the foot pedal with their hands as well... I hope to have more time in the future to expand my own sewing skills and learn while I expose them to a wonderful lifelong skill!

K, M, little C, and little J said...

Love these projects! And I LOVE the outfits required for sewing, those girls have something figured out that the rest of us are missing. Enjoy Weekend Sewing, the book. I'm loving it so far.