Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Slowly getting back on my feet (with socks)

Slowly, slowly I'm gravitating towards crafting again. Not sure what my hiatus was all about. I think I just reached a saturation point after sewing the quilts and needed to rest for a bit. I also think that the pull of the outdoors: gardening, camping, reading in the hammock and al fresco meals, took/takes more of my creative energy that I realized. I'm happy that it's been put to good use - our yard is really coming together and we've had some fun adventures - but I missed my needles. I am back on to something again and it feels good: restful, fulfilling and exciting - all that knitting should be for me.

I'm diligently plugging away on these socks (I will meet my deadline) and I cast on my first pair of self-striping socks. This is my first time working with a cotton blend yarn and so far so good. I think that I am going to call these my rain garden socks. The greys, blues and greens remind me of rainy summer days, and I cast on for them in the midst of planting our new rain garden.

I've also been doing some planning for a set of sweaters for my girls this fall. I'm thinking of a pair (or triplet) of wallabies, with slight modifications (rolled hems, maybe no pouch).

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