Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A day away in Wisconsin

This past weekend my husband and I had an incredible day away; away from home and the kids. We started with lunch in New Glarus, then drove along scenic Highway 39 to Mineral Point. After visiting some galleries, we grabbed a quick nap at the beach at Gov. Dodge State Park and then ended the evening with a wonderful play - Hay Fever by Noel Coward - in Spring Green, at American Players Theatre. These three towns are incredible places to visit for people who love history and the arts.

After walking through numerous galleries in Mineral Point we visited Set in Stone, which is a bookstore, wine shop, coffee house and yarn store all rolled into one. The shopkeeper I spoke with showed me a lot of local yarn choices, both those that were spun locally (with local wool, alpaca etc.) but also those dyed locally. She also had a great selection of fairly traded yarns from around the globe.

The jar of buttons is from an antique store in New Glarus. As a new sewer I don't yet have a button stash. I've got a handful in little individual ziploc baggies, from new clothes I've purchased, but I don't have a monster-sized cookie tin filled with them, like I remember my Grandmother had. This jar is the beginning of my button stash.

Keeping in the spirit of promoting my local community, I'd also like to share this project with you: the 3/50 Project. It's probably clear from this post, but exploring, purchasing, creating, and investing locally is something that I'm pretty interested in.


Juniper said...

Great post, nice links! Love the 3-50 project!!!!!
Can't believe that you actually knitted those beautiful mittens! You're an impressive woman. Glad you and D had a nice day out together. And lovely way to finish it with a play out in spring green.

* BTW did your girls spot the skirt on the capers blog?

K, M, little C, and little J said...

It sounds glorious! My button stash is collected from my mother and grandmother, it is soo precious. I love your button jar! Great find on the 3-50 project, makes me feel so mixed about all my etsy purchases!

FiveGreenAcres said...

YES! Set in Stone is the shop that provided the wool for my Camp Hat!