Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It's calm around here again. Our family has headed home and I am spending lots of quiet time with my girls again. We had guests for 6 nights and seven days - making it the most special, magical holiday season in our home yet. We had as many as 17 folks sleeping under our roof for on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We even had a meal for 24 people. Lots of food, lots of dishes, lots of sweets and lots of energy. If I could bottle it, I'm sure it would be enough to sustain me all through the year.

There were highs. Like when my girls squealed with excitement at the presents they made for each other. There were lows. Like when the basement (which we gutted and worked overtime finishing for the holiday; new lights, new carpet, new stairs, new drywall, etc.) flooded on Christmas Day. On balance, however, there's nothing like family to see you through the rough spots and celebrate the magic of the season with.

As for handmade gifts there were some successes and some not-so-surprising un-finished gifts. I was able to delve into sewing for a week before Christmas and made quite a few things: superhero capes for my nieces and nephew, new down quilts for my older girls, gifts for each of my girls to give to each other. DH and I even collaborated on the big gift for the girls - a play landscape that can be used for many purposes, but is currently home to a family of horses and unicorns. Unfortunately the vest is still in my knitting basket - the pieces are done, but blocking, assembly and finishing has yet to start.

I'll write a few posts over the next couple of weeks about the various gifts and projects, but today is a dedicated play day with my girls. I'm off to enjoy more of the holiday magic that is still all around us.


Holly Jo said...

Wow. A meal for 24? That is amazing. Sorry to hear about your basement flooding, but it sounds like you recovered beautifully. Enjoy your day with your girls!

ten finger workshop said...

bravo, see you on the other side of the to do list soon B.

Little C and Little J said...

You are a superhero. That to-do list made my head spin. Rock on, mama. Can't wait to see more pictures of the finished projects.

Juniper said...

17 under your roof did you say?? 24 for a meal??! Great scotts that's an army! Well done super mom for being able to pull it off (only you could) and with joy still in your voice... you truly are amazing! Happy new year my dear!
x x J