Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010

Last night while DH was livin' it up in Milwaukee with some old friends, I quietly welcomed the new year by tucking three tired kids in bed and finishing up two knitting projects. Feeney, Bailey's very handsome second cousin, kept me company (smile). What's New Year's without a little libation, right?

The second-to-last FO's of 2009 were the Noro striped socks. I am in love with these socks. There's not much more to say. They fit great, I love that they aren't matchy-matchy, and they are warm. I like that they are dark and vibrant at the same time. The only negative is that they require hand washing so I have to keep a good eye on these to make sure they don't wind up in the regular laundry.

Then I put finishing touches on the felted poinsettia wreath. I finally placed it on the wall with just 45 minutes to spare in 2009. There are still some wires that need attending, but I am officially done with this project. I have a few friends that will be happy to see this out of my basket and on my wall as it has been an unwelcome companion at recent craft night get-togethers. I really like the finished wreath, but it was way more tedious than I first expected. Well, in actuality, the project is just as tedious as when I purchased it but I purchased it over two years ago. That is a long time ago considering how much I've learned about knitting since then. I would probably think twice about a project like this if I saw it for the first time today. This project required making 96 petals, 8 stems and at least 120 french knots. I even had to bust out needle nose pliers. In the end I am happy I knit it. While I cursed each and every small step towards completion it is a reminder of what drew me to knitting in the first place; what I call the aesthetic of knitting (color and form)*.

With these two projects out of the way I am close to what will be my first FO's of 2010: the Mystery Socks and the vest.

I'm not sure what's next after that. For 2010 DH and I have agreed to work from our respective stashes as much as possible (exclusively?). It's our resolution to each other and I think it's a good one. We decided to make it a competition of sorts and the rules will emerge over time. Although I've got some stiff competition - he's getting quite handy with his hand planes - I'm looking forward to it. My knitting baskets are overflowing with skeins of yarn and I'm excited to find the perfect project for each one of them.

Oh, and lest you think I spent the remainder of this day relaxing and playing with my kids, let me assure you that I/we didn't. Not more than two hours after I posted my youngest fell while carrying her play chair; a fall that required three stitches to her bottom lip. We spent most of that day in the emergency room.

* - I am not an art or textiles scholar, nor do I have any training in knitting. What I know I've learned from others, the internet and library books. I don't really know what the aesthetic of knitting is, or what it might actually mean. And I certainly don't want to offend any knitters out there with my use of these terms. But, in my brief time as a knitter, I've found a basic distinction that seems to define, but not divide, knitters. Some are drawn to the way that knitted objects look. Others are drawn to the way that knitted objects feel. I find myself in the first group, and often give secondary consideration to the way that various fibers feel. This is what I mean by the aesthetic of knitting. I rather fancy the way knitting looks.


Little C and Little J said...

that wreath is amazing! it is an heirloom!

Rebekah said...

The wreath is so pretty! I've seen that kit at my lys for the past two years and have always wanted to make it. And your Noro socks are so pretty!