Monday, January 4, 2010

Shapes and Fonts

My friend Lily is hosting a shape week. Here's my contribution.

My friend Melissa recently had a slew of posts about fonts. I can totally relate to her interest. I snapped the following photos on a walk I took with my youngest in late fall.



ten finger workshop said...

Thanks for participating B, I love that color too and there's something about the wooden beads, I kind of want to eat them. Love the fonts photo's too, it's like old madison, it's good to look up sometimes.
keep it up!

Little C and Little J said...

the beads do look like gumballs. I love the font photos, I'm so happy you relate to my crazy love of the fonts. And, such a trip down memory lane to see them. Mickie's Dairy Bar!! Makes me hungry for pancakes.

Juniper said...

I like your circle photo Beth! Am enjoying your font pictures too, familiar forgotten places. Agree with Melissa on Mickies!