Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holiday Gifts: Allis Chalmers and other superheroes

Earlier this year my mom made superhero capes for my three girls. They were an instant hit and when my nieces and nephews saw them they loved them too. It was only natural to make them a set for the holidays.

My SIL's family are farmers and the first cape, for their son, is in honor of their first tractor which was an Allis Chalmers. The second flower-power cape and the last unicorn cape completely capture all that is magical, whimsical and girly about being a 4 y.o. girl. [To clarify for any new readers, if it seems like there are a lot of little girls in my life it's true, there are. My SIL and I each had twin girls within 2 mos. of each other, I also have a 2 y.o. girl and another 9 mo. old niece.]

I borrowed my mom's template and took fabric ideas from her as well. Originally we worked from ideas seen at local toy stores. The three motifs for my capes were free on-line stencils that I printed and used as templates.

My nieces received a set of 18-inch horses this year, and rather than using their capes for themselves on Christmas morning they immediately draped the capes over the horses as show blankets. They actually fit the horses perfectly and look pretty realistic from afar.

Lastly, here's a photo of my youngest wearing the butterfly cape (from my Mom) earlier this year.