Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tigerlily Tinkering Barter Marketplace

Melissa over at Tigerlily Tinkering has set up a cool barter marketplace on her blog. I'm going to jump in and join. Here are the items I have available for barter:

Earflap hat (sized newborn up to 2 year old, assorted colors)

Colored pencil/crayon roll (colors can be customized)

Handknit shawl (in the colorway shown in the photo).

Baby bonnet (size 9-18 mos., assorted colors)

If you are interested join up! And if you'd like to barter, drop me a line:


Little C and Little J said...

Yeah! The are all so beautiful and I know exactly what I want as a birthday gift for Callum! I'm so happy you joined in!! Lucky me to have such talented, can I have a crayon roll?? You pick the colors, I love the one you have up here. And, what would you like in return? I might have to shop more later but this is jumping out at me.

Rebekah said...

cool projects! Love the shawl and the pencil roll...I'll have to check that barter site out

mama-pan said...

oh! these are great--I'd love to barter for some of the hats; check out my marketplace and let me know if there's anything you like :-)