Sunday, May 2, 2010

FO: baby/toddler cardigan

I can finally post about this little beauty! I knit it up in February, but since it was a gift for an expectant friend I couldn't reveal it until after the baby shower. The lovely (free!) pattern is Boheme, by Allegra Wermuth. You can find it on her blog, fiddlesticknitting.

I love this garment because it is so versatile. It will go from dress length, to tunic to sweater over the span of a few years. I knit it up with a washable, 100% merino wool, which will hopefully provide for years of carefree wearing.

It seems that with many of my projects I learn something new - and this one was no exception. I went to one of my LYS to pick out some special buttons and while I was there the saleswoman gave me some great advice for sewing in buttons. She suggested sewing a cheap-o plastic button on the backside of the garment, to anchor the facing buttons. You can see a photo of what I did below. I placed the nice button where I wanted it, sewed through it, through my fabric, and then through the plastic button. After going back the other direction I repeated this process until I felt the buttons were secure. Hopefully they won't fall off now. This is a brilliant technique that I plan to use again, especially for infant and toddler knitting. And with my growing stash of buttons there's no shortage of cheap plastic ones around here (smile).


Little C and Little J said...

It is stunning! Lovely green, it's a lucky baby.

Rebekah said...

Adorable! This is such a cute baby outfit

mama-pan | Mary Frances said...

Oh my goodnesss--I am going to run for my needles and cast on for this as soon as I get home tonight. So, so beautiful--thanks for the inspiration.